Discover Felipe Gasnier's world of edgy and artistic UI/UX design where digital innovation meets creativity. With over 22 years of experience as a UI/UX designer, my passion for technology, music, and art drives my work. Explore how my expertise can lead and manage projects for various organizations.


From Pixels to Paint: Felipe's Adventures in UX/UI and Mixed Media Design

As a highly experienced marketing professional with over 16 years of experience as a CEO and co-founder of four companies, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My background in UX/UI design and animation, combined with my passion for technology, music and art, has equipped me with the necessary skills to lead and manage big projects for a variety of companies and organizations.

Throughout my career, I have worked with 4 different Startups in Finland, and have successfully planned and managed big projects for a variety of companies, artists, and bands in the Brazilian and Finnish music industry. My experience in Finland includes participating in exciting projects such as The National Museum of Finland using a new VR feature to transport visitors into R.W. Ekman’s painting, KONE, Nokia, Konecranes, Outokumpu, Moomins, Finnair, YIT.

Currently, I am the main UI/UX Designer at Wunderman Thompson Finland, where I am responsible for creating and implementing design solutions for clients. I am experienced in managing projects, working with cross-functional teams, and meeting tight deadlines.



UI/UX Design


Motion Graphic Design




Graphic Design


Marketing and Strategy


Experience in Finland:
Experience in Brazil:
  • Jan/2012 – Apr/2016
    Edições Ideal (CEO, Founder)
    Book Publishing Company, São Paulo

  • Mar/2003 – Mar/2016
    Ideal Shop (CEO, Founder)
    T-shirt E-shop, São Paulo

  • Jun/2004 – Jul/2008
    Ideal Records (CEO, Founder)
    CD & DVD Recorder and Distributor, São Paulo

  • Jul/2006 – Dec/2007
    OneRPM (Marketing Director)
    Global Digital Music Distribution, New York, USA


Last Works

Check out my latest highlights! These are my best works from the past few months, showcasing my skills and expertise in various areas.


Check out my animation showcase featuring works created with After Effects and Adobe Character!


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Uniarts Helsinki

As the creative mind behind the concept design and assets for The International Master’s Degree Programme in Arts Management, Society, and Creative Entrepreneurship, I developed

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Step into my creative world and witness some of my latest artwork, born from my passion for self-expression. Explore the beauty and emotion captured in each piece, crafted with love and attention to detail.


My illustrations showcase my unique style that I have developed over the years. I find inspiration in exploring identity and my work is recognizable for its individuality. These illustrations are a true representation of my creative voice


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