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I’ve been passionate about the arts since 1999, when I founded my first punkrock/hardcore band. As a member of the band, I designed our logo, album cover, and merchandise, and soon began creating artwork for other bands in our city. Word spread, and before long I was creating art for bands across São Paulo, and eventually throughout Brazil. For years, I specialized in designing merchandise, logos, videos, and posters.

In 2017, I received an exciting invitation from musician Alec Danger to create live visuals during his performances in Finland. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and soon I was being invited to provide live visuals for bands, festivals, and large-scale events. I’ve been thrilled to continue this work, using my passion for the arts to elevate the live music experience for artists and audiences alike.

Artists I've Worked With

Risto - Jimi Tennor - Samuli Kemppi - Sekret Teknik - O Samuli A - KEUHKOT - GRATEFUL DÄD - Rasmus Hedlund - Ya Tosiba - Alec Danger - sienipilvi - Puhuvat Koneet - Jori Larres - Sir Liselot & more...

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Additional Creative Services

Artist identity
Elevate your brand with comprehensive graphic design solutions. From logos to album covers, we create eye-catching and professional designs.
Showcase your music, tours, and merchandise with our customized web design services. I can create user-friendly websites that reflect your style and goals.
Music video
Bring your music to life with our graphic motion services. I create visually stunning music videos using various animation styles.

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